Looking for a decking solution that will last you for years to come? Composite decking is a durable, beautiful choice for decking material. If you’re in the South Florida area and are in need or want for a new deck solution, consider the experts here at CPM Services! We have decades of experience providing both home and business owners with the solutions they need to upgrade their properties.

Composite Decking in South Florida | CPM ServicesWhat is Composite Decking?

While there are both wood and plastic decking materials to choose from, composite decking is a mixture of both. Basically, it is comprised of recycled pieces of wood and plastic mixed together. The combination of this mixture is what provides this type of decking with its durability and strength. And, is the main reason why it is such a common choice amongst home and business owners for the decking needs. Wondering why you might want to consider composite decking as opposed to plastic and wood decking? Before you make your decision, it’s best to go over the benefits of composite decking.

What are the Benefits of Composite Decking?

There is a reason composite decking is quickly becoming the go-to material for any type of decking project. Some of the benefits of choosing composite decking include:

Composite Decking in South Florida | CPM ServicesVariety: First and foremost, composite decking is so popular because of the many options available. There are a number of styles, colors, textures, and even thicknesses to choose from. So, if you already have a style in mind or you want to match your decking with trim or fencing, composite decking may be your best bet.

Damage Resistant: Since composite decking is made up of recycled plastic, it’s known for its durability. And, other damage resistant features like scratch resistance and UV protection. This helps to keep composite decking looking and functioning like new for many years.

Low Maintenance: While not completely maintenance free, composite decking does make owning a deck easier. Mold, pollen, and extreme elements can damage composite decking, just as they can affect wood decking. However, composite decking expands and retracts when temperatures change. This helps to prevent further destruction and can help to lengthen the life of your decking. Plus, it’s resistant to rotting. So, you’ll never have to worry about water damage or replacing sections due to rot. Unlike the frequent pressure cleaning wood decks may require, when it comes to cleaning a composite deck, a simple scrub and rinse usually works fine.

Looking for Composite Decking Solutions in South Florida?

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