Wood Decking Professionals in South Florida | CPM ServicesNothing beats the beauty and feel of a wood deck. When it comes to choosing decking materials, many choose wood because there is no other material that provides its warm characteristics. However, even when a home or business owner knows they want a wood deck, they may not know how to go about choosing specific materials, designing, and building a deck. That’s where CPM Services comes in to help! With over 30 years of experience providing property management services, we help home and business owners in South Florida make their property dreams become reality.

Adding the Benefits of a Wood Deck to Your Home or Business

Making the decision to add a deck to a home or business is making the decision to increase the value of your property. Plus, it’s a great way to expand an outdoor space and provide a comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors. But, with the many decisions in materials, it can be hard to be sure that wood is the choice of material that suits your needs and vision best. Some of the many benefits of choosing wood for a decking project include:

Natural: No other decking material is at natural as wood. And that’s because wood is taken directly from nature. While composite and PVC decking is beautiful, it’s easy to tell the difference between authentic, natural wood and its look-alikes.

Beauty: The main reason home and business owners choose wood for their decking material is the beauty it provides. This beauty adds to the overall appearance and feel of a home or business property. Wood retains its beauty for many years and even allows for different stainings and treatments to maintain its inherent beauty. Choosing CPM Services for a wood deck means getting professional insight on wood decking maintenance, available treatments, and preventative measures to keep your deck looking as beautiful as the day it’s installed.

Cost: Because some types of wood may pose a threat to rotting and may not last as long as composite decking materials, real wood may be less costly than other materials. However, with proper care, maintenance, and even treatment, real wood decking can and does last 15 to 20 years without issue.

Choosing Between the Types of Wood for Decking

Wood Decking Professionals in South Florida | CPM ServicesIf you’re set on the beauty and feel that wood decking provides, you still have to narrow down the decision of which type of wood material your decking will be. While there are a number of wood deck materials to choose from, they do differ in maintenance, quality, and look. Wood materials for decking include:

Redwood: This deep, charismatic wood is undoubtedly gorgeous. And, less porous than many might think. So, it doesn’t warp over time which is usually expected from wood materials. However, it may be more expensive than many homeowners want to spend, especially in South Florida. This is because redwood is native to the west coast of the US, and is harder to find in the South. Finally, if redwood is the material of your choice, make sure to invest in maintenance efforts to keep your decking looking and functioning like new. For example, it’s suggested that redwood decking is treated with a sealant annually.

Cedar: This type of wood decking is the most durable of the natural wood materials to choose from. This is due to its rot and insect-proof characteristics. However, since the best cedar takes a long time to grow, it’s not nearly as environmentally-friendly as other materials. And, since it’s a softer wood, can splinter and require further maintenance down the road.

Pressure-Treated Wood: If you’re looking for a wood option that’s cost-efficient, pressure-treated is the way to go. With a number of varieties and styles, this material is ready for install as soon as it arrives. And, requires little maintenance besides routine cleaning. However, with cheap products comes cheap design. So, many who choose this route, find their decks warping, fading, and losing quality over time.

Wood Decking Design and Installation from CPM Services

Ready to get started on a wood decking project in South Florida for your home or business? We can help! With over 30 years in the industry, CPM Services can offer the professional decking design and installation you expect and require. To see more of what we do, visit our online portfolio. And, contact us today to talk to us about getting your free quote!