CPM Services offers fencing, decking, custom gate, and hurricane shutter services for home and business owners in the town of Loxahatchee, Florida. With a dedication to providing superb customer service and high-quality custom work, we are motivated to helping people meet their property dreams every day. If you are wanting to upgrade your property to provide better security, functionality, or safety, CPM Services can provide you with a custom solution you can enjoy for many years to come.

Fencing Services Offered by CPM Services in Loxahatchee

Front Yard Fence | Loxahatchee | CPM ServicesCustom Fence Design: Above all, we are a custom fence design company. With over 30 years of professional experience, we pride ourselves in being able to provide South Florida residents and business owners with the fencing solutions they need. If you have a fencing solution in mind, we can help you pick the materials that suit your vision and design according to your needs.

Fencing Installation: Once we’ve settled on a custom design to make your fencing vision come to life, we send our team of professionals to install the fencing materials. We make sure to first scan the property before installing any fencing to ensure no mishaps occur during the installation process. Then, we work diligently to apply the fencing design to the project and complete installation so you can enjoy your new fencing solution.

Fence Repair: Many home or business owners in the Loxahatchee area may already have a fencing solution they are happy with. But, these fences may need repair due to exposure to weather or otherwise. For these situations, we offer a fencing repair service. Most often, we can match most fencing materials with replacement parts to avoid having to replace entire fencing systems.

Front Yard Fence | Loxahatchee | CPM Services

Fence Restoration: Some fences may simply need a facelift or preventative treatment. So, for these fences, we offer restoration services. Whether you want to protect your fence from the elements and/or pests or give it a new look with paint or staining treatment, we got you covered.

Other Solutions Offered by CPM Services in Loxahatchee

Front Yard Fence | Loxahatchee | CPM Services

Custom Gates: Want to add something special to the entrance of your new fence? Or, have a specific need for entrance functionality of your fencing? A custom gate may be the solution you need. We have experience bringing a number of custom gate ideas to life that provide the specifications home or business owners need.

Hurricane Shutter Services: We offer top-of-the-line high wind resistant hurricane shutters and installation for those wanting to protect their home or business in the upcoming hurricane seasons. With a number of options, you’re sure to find the shutter solution you’re looking for. Additionally, on top of offering hurricane shutter installation, we also offer shutter removal for individuals who need help after a storm.

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