Looking for fencing experts in the Martin County area? CPM Services is your go to industry expert fencing service. With more than 35 years of personal experience, we know how to provide the solutions home and business owners want. Additionally, with a dedication to customer satisfaction and transparency, we have built a good reputation throughout South Florida by providing quality products and friendly service. Check out some of our reviews to see what past customers say about our previous projects.

CPM Services Offering Fencing Solutions in Martin County

Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to add protection to a home, a business owner that needs to secure a property for employees, or need fencing for another property, we can help. Additionally, we can attend to various types of fencing jobs-whether it’s the beginning of a fencing project or an emergency repair. If you have a fence need, CPM Services can offer assistance. Fencing services offered by CPM Services include:

Fencing Near Me | Martin County | CPM ServicesDesign: Before fencing can be installed, we’ll need to establish where the fencing will go, materials needed, and fencing measurements. Plus, we’ll determine which features you desire based on your needs like privacy, coloration, and treatment. This way, you’ll get the fence you envision that offers the protection you need.

Installation: Once we have a fence design, we order needed materials and get started on installation. Our team of professionals is experienced in installing a number of fence materials quickly and effectively. Before installation, we make sure to check the property for any wiring or other underground issues that may arise. This way, we install your fence the way it needs to be the first time.

Repair and Restoration: Already have a fence that just needs a little tender loving care? Along with providing new fencing design and installation, we can also repair and restore old fencing. Whether you need emergency repair immediately or want to sand and stain your backyard fencing, we can help provide a solution that meets your needs. Just contact us and tell us about your fencing needs and we will come with a fair quote.

Fencing Materials for Design and Installation in Martin County

CPM Services offers fencing services for a number of materials. And, we get our materials from manufacturers and brands trusted throughout the fencing industry. This way, every client is happy with their fencing solution for many years to come. Available materials for various fencing projects include:

Other Solutions Offered by CPM Services in Martin County

Fencing Near Me | Martin County | CPM Services

Decking: For those looking for an extra outdoor space to spend time with friends and family, decking is a great solution. We offer wood and composite decking materials for decking projects. We can also treat decking, stain, and pain to preference. Whether you need decking for a home or business establishment, we can come up with the solution you need for a great price.

Fencing Near Me | Martin County | CPM Services

Hurricane Shutters: We understand the importance of building safety, especially in time for a South Florida regular event; hurricanes. That’s why we offer hurricane shutter materials and installation for windows. Also, we can help with the emergency boarding of homes before a storm. And, the deboarding of homes afterward. Just give us a call to tell us about your hurricane preparation needs!

Custom Gates: Have an idea for a custom gate? Want to have specific access to areas on your new fencing? We have experience coming up with a number of gate solutions for various fencing materials. If you have an idea, we can attempt to make it become reality. Check out some of our custom gate solutions on our website. And, give us a call about your gate needs!

Need Fencing Services, Decking, or Hurricane Shutters in Martin County?

Have questions about our company or what we do? Call us or contact us through our website today to tell us about your project. We can service most of South Florida residents with the project they envision.