CPM Services is your go-to service provider for property management needs. Whether you’re looking for solutions for a home or business property, we can help those needing professional assistance in Port St. Lucie, South Florida. Find out how CPM Services can give your property the protection and usability you need and make your property dreams come to life.

Fencing Services Offered by CPM Services in Port St. Lucie

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Fencing Design: CPM Services has years of experience designing custom fencing solutions according to business and homeowner needs and desires. Simply tell us where you’d like your fencing and which types of needs you want as far as security, durability, and materials. Our professionals can help you to determine which fencing solutions may be best suited to meet your expectations. And, answer any questions or concerns you may have about the fencing process.

Our South Florida Locations | Port St. Lucie | CPM ServicesFencing Installation: Once you’ve settled on a fencing design you’re excited about, we order all the materials for your convenience. And, set a time and date to start the installation process. Once your materials arrive, we come to the property for the scheduled installation. Most often, fencing projects can be installed in as little as one or two days.

Our South Florida Locations | Port St. Lucie | CPM Services

Fencing Repair and Restoration: Already have a fence you love that only needs a little tender-loving-care? Fencing repair is available to help upkeep current fencing that may be damaged. Also, for those wanting to change up the way a current fence appears or functions, restoration can help to provide certain upgrades. We help with fence staining, painting, treatments, and more!

Other Property Solutions Offered by CPM Services

Along with fencing services mentioned above, CPM Services also offers a number of other property management solutions including:

Our South Florida Locations | Port St. Lucie | CPM ServicesDecking: Wanting to add a deck to a home or business and give your family or employees a place to enjoy the beautiful, South Florida weather? We offer composite and wood decking solutions as well as decking repair and restoration. Whatever your decking needs, we can help to come up with a solution that makes sense for your needs and budget.

Custom Gates: Some home and business owners need custom gate solutions to meet their specific needs as far as property access, pool safety, security, and even a unique look. Have an idea for a custom gate solution? We can bring it to life!

Our South Florida Locations | Port St. Lucie | CPM Services

Hurricane Shutters: Protect your home or business this hurricane season with hurricane shutters. We offer a hurricane shutter service that allows homeowners to install permanent or temporary hurricane shutters. Choose from a number of styles and brands to match your home or business exterior. Additional to offering hurricane shutters and their installation, we also provide hurricane shutter removal for those in need after a storm!

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