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Custom Fencing Design

When it comes to fencing, designing is the first step. Without a clear design, fencing may not meet expectations. Here at C.P.M. Services, we provide fencing design for all of our customers so that they’re sure, before investing in a fencing solution, that their decision is one which will benefit them for years to come. Our experts have designed fencing solutions for a number of industries, residential properties, and even industrial projects. Whether you need fencing to be specific for use, privacy, or even include custom gate solutions, we can design an exact fencing option to meet both your desires and needs.

Residential Fencing Design


The benefits of a home fencing design are immeasurable. When you want privacy from the neighbors, the option of letting your pets in your backyard, or simply the added beauty that a fence can provide, only custom solutions and design can provide the fencing you want. Whether you require fencing around your backyard, front yard, or a custom gate entrance to your driveway, our residential fencing design can provide you with the plans to match your vision. We can even assist with residential approvals like HOA and coding specifications. Whatever your home needs for fencing, we can offer a design which incorporates all aspects of your needs and wants.


Industrial Fencing Design


Custom Fence Design Service in South Florida | CPM ServicesBusiness may require fencing for a number of reasons. Here at CPM Services, we offer a number of materials and designs to meet the needs of any industry. Even if you don’t know what type of fencing you may require, we can help design a fencing solution which provides for each of your business needs or wants. With a customized design, you can be sure that the fencing solution which will be installed is the one your business needs.


Commercial Fencing Design


Larger, commercial properties may require fencing as a means for employee safety and establishing a sound perimeter. For commercial areas, we design with your business needs in mind. Also, we offer a number of security or private fencing materials which may suit industry needs as they may arise. Additionally, we offer commercial fencing solutions for a number of other needs including hotel accommodations or amenities, recreational areas, pool fencing according to coding regulations, and much more!


Get your Fencing Project Custom-Designed by the Experts


Whether you want to install your own fencing or you want to go with professional installation, fencing design is always the best first step to ensuring a fence will provide for all your needs and wants. And, here at C.P.M. Services, when you go with our professional installation, we design for your fencing needs as a part of the cost! Of course, if you’d rather install on your own, our fencing design can help to determine measurements and the best solutions for your fencing needs.



Start your fencing project off on the right foot and choose the industry professionals to design according to your needs and wants! Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a quote.

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