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Fencing Restoration and Treatments

Have a fence that you’d like to update? Or, maybe you have a fence that needs replacement in only a few areas. Here at CPM Services, we have experience both with fence restoration and fencing replacement. Whatever your current fencing needs, we can come up with the best, most efficient solution. This way, you can get back to enjoying your fence sooner.


Fence Cleaning


Wood fencing, porous as it is, can eventually lose its vibrant color and start to show dirt. To address this, most fencing experts suggest fencing maintenance through restoration every 5 or so years. But, before restoration by restaining, cleaning must first take place. This is done by pressure washing the fencing to remove any discoloration due to dust, dirt, water stains, and even previous treatments.


Fencing Treatments


Water, sun, insects, and wind can do measures on a fence throughout the years. So, many fence owners may wish to preserve their fencing for as long as possible. Here at CPM Services, we can help to treat various fencing for preservation and protection. And, we can help to match the appropriate treatment for your needs. Whether you wish to treat a current fence or one we’ve installed for you, you can be sure we’ll help to find the solution that keeps your fencing looking new for years to come.


Fence Staining/Painting


Fence Restoration and Treatments in South Florida | CPM ServicesAfter pressure cleaning or new install, you may wish to stain a wood fence a color to your preference. Or, you may even wish to paint current or newly installed fencing material. CPM Services can steer you in the direction of quality products that will keep your fencing looking great. And, we can professionally apply the stain or paint of your choice utilizing our team of professionals and equipment.


Fencing Replacement


Fencing may need replacement in only specific areas for a number of reasons. Whether part of your fence has been removed by a natural disaster like a hurricane or simply worn down over time, we can help match your current material with new parts. And, work to expertly remove and replace the areas of your fence that need help.


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Have a specific fence need as mentioned above? Have a professional from CPM Services come out and provide you with a fair, honest quote. We strive to always be upfront and transparent with every job at hand. This way, we continue to receive the positive reviews and provide the best customer service available. Contact us today to have us come out and discuss your fencing needs.

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