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Chain link fences are a common choice amongst homeowners. This type of fencing is durable and offers plenty of variety. Chain link fences come in multiple styles, heights, and colors. Because of their durability, chain link fences are also very popular choices for schools and other child care facilities. So, these fences are ideal for commercial, residential, and industrial sites.


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Chain link fencing consists of gates, fittings, framework, and fabric. These 4 different parts combine to create a fencing that can withstand rain, wind, and even exposure to extreme sunlight. If any part of the fence gets damaged for any reason, it can be easily replaced. The other areas of the fence don’t have to be removed during the repair process, either. This is yet another reason chain link fencing is such a good choice for people looking to get fencing installed.


Chain Link Fence Installation in South Florida | CPM ServicesOne other benefit of chain link fencing is the amount of visibility they provide. They provide more openness and transparency than most other fence types. This is especially beneficial for parks and other public places. It allows people to see both inside and outside of the fence while still providing a protective barrier between those within and those without the gate. Chain link fencing is affordable and cost-effective. Fences in this category are made of steel and can’t be damaged by pests. They’re not hard to maintain and keep clean. In fact, these fences typically go through a process that is meant to prevent the fences from rusting.


Another advantage which chain link fences offer is a level of ease in their installation and removal processes. These fences are both simple to install and easy to remove. This makes them a great choice for temporary fencing. The fact that these fences are so easy to install and remove makes them a favorite of those who like to go the DIY route. Although the process requires a lot of planning and detail, it can be done by non-professionals. Of course, seeking professional assistance will ensure that your fence is properly and safely installed or removed.


Chain link fences generally come in either green or black. You can also customize them by selecting our preferred thickness and height. The height of your chain link fence can usually range between 3 and 12 feet high. This vast selection of heights makes chain link fences a great option for various areas. Some military bases, commercial buildings, or even prisons may opt to have a higher fence on the premises. Other places, such as homes or play areas may choose to have a somewhat shorter height for their fences.


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